Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Business is business

Today I spent the day cleaning the room that will soon be my bathroom. It took me most of the day because I stopped frequently to breathe some less toxic air, among other things.
I pretty much bleached the tub to oblivion.
I figured that anyplace I might park my naked business where someone else's naked business had previously been, should be subjected to some sort of disinfecting agent like bleach or napalm first.
Anyhoo, I waxed a thin layer of soft scrub with bleach onto the white tile walls, and after I regained consciousness thirty minutes later, I scrubbed her down.
Then I proceded to spray a generous amount of Scrub Free with bleach around the actual tub. The trip from that stuff was a little more colorful. I'm still a little dizzy.
I said I cleaned the bathroom today, but the truth is that I cleaned the tub, toilet, mirror, and light fixture.
Tomorrow I will finish the sink and floor.
And I was having a hard time washing the dust from the light fixture, because I know what dust is made of. Google it. I promise it will gross you out.
So, to those of you who have come behind me, I sincerely apologize.
Meanwhile, I am cleaning up the previous owners' biological leftovers.
Can you say,


Joanna said...

I ain't googling it - I's skert.

That's just all kinds of nasty.

Kelli said...

How exciting!!! (not the actual getting high from cleaning agents-just the fact that doing said cleaning means you will be getting to enjoy your new home soon!!)

Chris said...

I would rather not know... thanks anyway.