Friday, October 17, 2008

Grilling Goodness #3

1. What is your least favorite aspect of Election Year?
Having to vote for someone I don't really like, just so the other guy, who I can't imagine anyone being stupid enough to pick, won't win.

2. What is something your spouse could do to make you feel special?
Send me away on a 'girls only weekend' to be pampered. Oh, wait, he did that once. Maybe he'll do it again.

3. Do you complain at restaurants or do you just tip less?
If the problem is the food, I let my server know, and don't hold it against them. They don't cook the food. I still tip them generously. But if the service stinks, I reflect it in the tip. I have only left without tipping once or twice in my life. Shawn used to be a really bad tipper, and it was so embarrassing. But I educated him on the art, and now he does a good job of it.

4. If you had it to do over again, would you choose the same wedding date you had?
Yes, the only holiday around my anniversary is Valentine's Day, and I kind of boycott it anyway. I do encourage my husband to do something for his daughter, however. He always buys her a rose.

5. What kind of car do you drive?
I drive a Dodge Grand Caravan, and I love it. It is not without its problems, and it costs a lot to fill the gas tank, but I love the room, the stereo, the DVD player, the little computer that tells me how many miles I can go before I run out of gas, and how it tells me what the temperature is outside.

6. If you have siblings, are you close to them?
I am very close with my older sister, but not with my half-brother, my twin half-sisters, my two step brothers, and my two step sisters.

7. Do you spend the same amount of money on each child at Christmas or just buy a certain number of gifts?
I try to keep it pretty close on both accounts. We don't spend much on gifts at all, because they get so many presents from their grandparents, that I don't want them to lose focus on what's really important about Christmas.

8. What phrase do you find yourself saying all the time?



Kelli said...

#3- if it is a chain restrauant I usually call their 1-800 number or visit their website. We have gotten coupons for free food that way. (plus the workers don't have our faces etched in their memory so they can spit in our food everytime we visit afterwards)

rthling said...

I usually do call 1-800 numbers if I have a problem with something. I even do it for products that I use. If I find something wrong with something, or even if I really love something, I call the customer service line. I have gotten tons of free stuff this way. Companies know what works and what doesn't by what kind of comments they get. If you love something, or hate it, speak up.

My Goodness said...

2. I love my girly weekends!!
3. Exactly how I feel.
4. I LOVE that D buys something for our E-girl on Vday!
6. Whatever, you're not close to that older sister at all!! lol

Great answers! :)

Kelli said...

Hmm.. I never thought to do that on stuff I love. Maybe I should. I hate to get used to something (especially cleaning products) than they stop making it. ARG!!