Friday, October 24, 2008

Grilling Goodness #4

1. The World Series has you watch it? (and do you care who wins?)

I do not watch football.

2. Is the inside of your car clean or 'garbage dump filthy'?

I have two kids, and I'm pretty messy, so I'll go with dump.

3. Who is the next person in your family to have a birthday?

My Dad will be 61 at the end of the month.

4. Do you wear glasses or contacts? (how old were you when it became necessary?)

Sometimes I wear reading glasses, but not often. But since the case fell into a potpourri simmer pot full of cinnamon apple simmer, and will never wash out, they smell nice when I wear them.

5. What is your major form of exercise?

I enjoy riding my bike, but currently, I am working out by dismantling a deck.

6. What is something you could do to make your spouse's day easier today?

Well, I can't really talk about that in a blog, now can I?

7. How much is gas where you are?

$2.38 at Kroger today, but I got a .10 discount. $2.28, BABY!

8. What the furthest away from home that you've ever traveled?

I took a college trip in 1993. Three countries in ten days - England, Scotland, and France. I would recommend it to anyone.



My Goodness said...

1. Ahem...
4. Bonus!
5. You're such a party girl!
6. Ahem...please don't! It said EASIER, not FUN...or DIRTY...or KINKY...enough. lol
7. Love it!
8. Maybe someday!!

Glad you had time to play!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

#5: At first I read, "dismantling a clock," and thought, oh, she's being funny. No, DECK.
And I cannot believe that gas price! Luckeee.

Kelli said...

Wow, I envy your gas prices. We got excited about paying $2.69 on the way home from the pumpkin patch (the same station was 2.73 on the way there)Oh well, at least we are not still having to sit in line for gas(and pay $4.00 a gallon) like we did for three weeks after Hurricane Ike hit.