Friday, October 10, 2008

Challenge Accepted

I love a good challenge, and when I imposed one on myself the other day, I took myself very seriously.

Allow me to explain.

My homeschooling group has a club for double digits kids (10-16), and they get together once a month or so to hang out and do fun stuff. (they have to get their socialization from somewhere, don'tchaknow)

So this month they are having a bon-fire thing-y and we all sign up to bring some kind of snack. My dear sister emails the group to ask if Rotel would be appropriate.

For those of you who don't live in the south, that would be melted Velveeta and canned diced tomatoes and chiles. This recipe is somewhat varied and is generally prepared and taken (or carried, or toted) to any number of functions such as bon-fires, church socials, picnics, weddings, baby showers, and the occasional funeral. It is served with tortilla chips.

Of course everyone replied with the expected answers that it would be great if she brought Rotel, and our darling friend Jenny smarted back that she couldn't think of many occasions in which Rotel would not be appropriate.

I thought that sounded like a challenge.

I hopped right on it.

So after a few days to consider, I came up with a few situations where Rotel and chips would NOT be appropriate.

It would not be appropriate for a guy to hide an engagement ring in the melted cheese and wait for his girl to eat enough to find it.

It would not be appropriate to be crunching away on some tortilla chips and Rotel during a symphony, and especially if you were playing in one.

I don't think one should partake of this particular fare while sitting in the court room serving on the jury.

It would not be appropriate to eat Rotel while doing any of the following activities:


Scuba diving

Barrel racing

Nascar driving


Giving or receiving a massage

Giving or receiving a manicure

Brushing your teeth

Giving birth to a baby

Delivering someone else's baby

Performing a wedding

Singing an opera

Reciting a poem

Jumping on a trampoline

Getting a haircut

Having a root canal or

Shearing sheep

Can you think of any more situations in which Rotel would not be appropriate?



rthling said...

a few more...
while gelding a horse
while performing a circumcision
while making whoopie with your spouse
while branding a cow
while performing surgery

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, my 1st thoughts were...
while milking a cow
performing a vasectamy
doing any mechanical work under a vehicle
changing a diaper
giving a dog a bath
using a chainsaw

rthling said...

according to my husband, Rotel can be eaten while doing mechanical work under a car. He should know. He says he's done it.

Jenny said...

You probably shouldn't be snacking down during the invitation at church.

"Time after time He has waited before..."

"Crunch, crunch..."

"And now He is waiting again...."

"Crunch, crunch...."

Jenny said...

Ooooooh, one more, in honor of the week I just lived through...

You probably should avoid Rotel if someone in your family already has Rotavirus or something akin to it.

This cautionary tale has been brought to you by Jenny, who is better today, albeit somewhat lethargic.

Anonymous said...

That's very funny, Diane!

during your piano recital
at the Christmas Cantata

It can be done, but I don't recommend blogging and Rotel. Cheesy keyboards - not good.

Joanna said...

FYI - food and drink is forbidden in a court room. This also includes gum, mints, and cough drops. Not that I'm bitter or anything. No, not me. I eventually got my bag of cough drops back. I think I did cough a little extra just to be a snot.

Chris said...

I know... we shouldn't hide rotel and chips with our grapes and bread in our basket props during the easter musical:)

My Goodness said...

while using the toilet, that's just gross...


while sitting in a Mexican restaurant that serves 'real' cheese dip