Friday, October 3, 2008

Jon, the pie lover

I have recently discovered a wonderful blog written by the intelligent son of a very good friend. This is not to say that her other son is not intelligent, mind you.
Jonathan is about as deep as they come. In fact, I don't know any real people who are as deep as he is. I'll have to pinch his cute little cheek the next time I see him, and check his real-ness. And yes, he's a full grown man, I'm just getting old, and he'll always be a kid to me.
If you go read his Vowell Movements blog, take your dictionary along. I've had to pull mine out and dust it off to keep up. (if you can really dust off the website I look everything up on;) I have been reading little bits at a time, lest my eyeballs explode. I told him today that I have to read it from my peripheral vision like Horatio Caine, because the power of his writing is so intense it almost hurts.
Have fun!
And prepare to have him talk circles around you.
Maybe if I bake him a pie, he'll explain it to me...

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