Thursday, October 2, 2008

Countdown to Freedom

Funny thing about countdowns. In order to get to 3...2...1...BLASTOFF, you must know what number to start on.
How can you make a Christmas countdown chain if you don't know how many days there are until Christmas?
This Monday I started the countdown to Friday. I wanted to close on our house then, so I started counting. I called all of my service providers and set up appointments for our phone, high-speed internet, and Dish Network to switch us over to the new house. I was even assigned a new telephone number.
Turns out that just because you 'called it,' doesn't mean they will do what you say.
Calling 'shotgun' does not guarantee a ride in the front seat.
And calling the closing day does not mean you will be moving this weekend, either.
So we wait, and try to stop feeling anxious.
And when we say 'we', we mean 'I'.

Meanwhile, I will look forward to what freedom will afford...
Freedom from the constant yapping from the neighbors' dogs,
Freedom from looking out my window and seeing the neighbors' kid ride by on MY kid's bike,
Freedom from lying in bed and being serenaded by the neighbors' country/gospel concert they are putting on right outside my paper-thin bedroom wall,
Freedom from the hammering the neighbors are doing at 2:34 in the morning, while they build an addition right outside my paper-thin bedroom wall,
Freedom from wondering if the neighbors heard me last night through my paper-thin bedroom wall,
Freedom from.....pretty much....
The Neighbors.


My Goodness said...

SO we don't know if tomorrow is a go or not, right?

Sigh...sorry it's so uncertain right now.

I'm laughing at you..."heard me last night through my paper-thin bedroom wall"...but I'm NOT asking!! LOL

rthling said...

Heard me.....snoring, maybe?

Smiling Shelly said...

yeah, yeah....snoring. That's it! LOL!

Kelli said...

Ah...neighbors. We used to be surrounded by them. Now we live in the boondocks. (we so out in the middle of nowhere I have even been known to take out the trash in my jammies)