Saturday, November 22, 2008

Greetings and salutations

Well, so I survived the trip up here. I did most of the driving. I like being in control of my destiny, so after Shawn drove for about six hours, I made him give me back the keys. This is the first time we have driven straight through in this direction. Usually we take our time, stopping somewhere on the way, to delay the inevitable prolong the fun.

But this time I made a deal with the huband type person that we could take the van if I was willing to forgo the hotel I had reserved. It was a no-brainer.
The wind was gusty, and I had difficulty keeping the van pointed the right direction a few times, but, whatever.

I was quite surprised to find it snowing in Nashville. Not much, just a few flurries. It wasn't until we were in Virginia somewhere and we came to a well-lit area that I realized there were a few inches of snow covering the ground. I didn't even know it, because the roads were so clear. I spent a little time telling God how thankful I was that the snow was already on the ground, and not falling all around me, making it difficult to see.

[queue blizzard]

Guess God wanted to talk with me a little longer, 'cause then I started the real praying. I learned that in a complete white out, with the headlights shining on the flakes driving straight at me, I felt like I was floating. It was a mesmerizing feeling of not even moving, even though I was driving about 50 MPH. That's when I realized that it might be bad, really bad to not see where I was going at 50 MPH. So I decided to pull it off the interstate.

Long story short, we did make it here, or I wouldn't be blogging. I would have way too much to do in heaven to waste time online!
It is cold, but there is no snow here, which is fine by Zaccheus. He liked the snow just fine, until he had to squat. Turns out that being two inches from the ground doesn't leave much clearance for things to fall, if you know what I mean.

And to top it all off, I found out that the in-laws have joined the 21st century, and have broadband, so I will be able to keep you apprised of my adventures. I know how much you enjoy the goings-on of my world traveling self... (so far, I have survived a hair-raising ride with my MIL to the commissary, where we loaded up on all groceries yummy)

Tomorrow Shawn and I head to the Big Apple to take in a show or something. Not sure what we're seeing. I'll fill you in tomorrow.



Chris said...

driving while hypnotized is NOT recommended:)

Smiling Shelly said...

Have fun in NY, Dianne. I'm glad you guys made it there safely. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Smiling Shelly said...

PS. Sorry I spelled your name wrong. I would have fixed it, but once you hit submit...its kinda too late.

Joanna said...

In Michigan that flying snow thing happens. Always makes me feel like hyperspace from Star Wars. :)

Glad you made it and after all that you better enjoy something.