Thursday, November 6, 2008

Indescribable beauty

I love the colors of autumn.

The sound of the swishing leaves as they brush the ground is soothing to my ear.

If I could paint a picture with words, it could be no more beautiful than the picture God paints in the fall. It would not come close to the beauty of reality.

Freshly picked apples from the tree are not as crisp as the morning and evening air.

The branches of the trees are doing a seductive dance as they shed their leaves in preparation for a winter of sleep. Their swaying is a mesmerizing tribute to the power of the unseen hand that sweeps through them.

The boldness of the reds, golds, and oranges startles my eyes, and bids me to linger, just to watch them drift to the ground.

Only a Creator with an eye for unimaginable beauty could paint a living picture so painfully brilliant that it cannot be described.


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Kelli said...

Fall is so beautiful. I think the beauty of the season makes up for the allergies that come with it for us. Add to that the fact that the temp drops enough to be able to breathe outside. I love it!!!