Sunday, September 14, 2008

Economics 101

In the attempt to stick it to the man economize in the grocery section of the budget, I have sent Shawn out for the Sunday paper. I have never been a coupon person. I find that searching the local flyers and ads for five cents off a loaf of cracked cranberry bread to be a trifle tedious. I do not pounce gleefully upon the little coupon holders cleverly placed in the aisles of my grocery store. I would rather pay a little bit more money at one place than flit about town seeking all the best can't-pass-up sales, all the while my gas tank can literally practically be heard with its slurping and burping.
But as I was standing in Wal-fart this weekend I decided something must be done. I have been purchasing the same bottle of Cascade for years. And suddenly it has gone up in price. Not the easy to digest twenty-five cents, either. No, it has gone up exactly $1.25. I thought about looking around for the camera. I mean, this has to be a joke, right? Where are the hidden cameras? No? There are no hidden cameras? Then you won't mind turning a blind eye while I slip this bottle into my pants, right? I mean, no body notices the unsightly bulges of a really big woman, so I should be able to walk out of here without being stopped.
So excuse me while I go sit for the next two hours staring at a pile of coupons I have to cut out and organize, write a shopping list based on meals I can cook for my family which include massive amounts of Betty Crocker instant potatoes (I have a coupon!), and put sticky notes around the house in various places to remind me not to forget my coupons and list when I actually go to the store.


Smiling Shelly said...

yes, and when you clip them and take them in with also still have to remember to give them to the cashier when you check out :) Otherwise, they don't really know to take off for them..ya know?? ;)

My Goodness said...

I am NOT good at 'couponing' fact, I pretty much hate clipping coupons. Most of them are for stuff I don't use. I go through a whole booklet and cut out just a few things I might actually buy...seems like a waste. I do like it when I do save something, but it's a job.

Jenny (Ox on the Roof) did a post recently with her tricks...she might inspire me...a little.

Kelli said...

I have gone into the store with the purpose of getting my free(!) salad dressing with a coupon that came in Kraft Food and Family magazine. Picked up a few other things while I was there. Got out of the store and said (while slapping myself in the forehead) Oh, I forgot to use my coupon!!! That is the typical coupon experience here. We have learned that Great Value (yeah, we shop at Wal-Mart) brand is just about as good on pretty much everything.

Jenny said...

Don't clip 'em all! Just use Coupon Mom and clip the ones you need. I promise it is SOOOO much faster and easier. This week I saved 41%, which basically amounted to $58. I spent about $110 for this week's groceries and they are mostly name-brand stuff...also not nasty, unhealthy stuff which I refuse to buy even with a coupon. (There's a post on my blog if you are interested.)

But yes, you have to remember to give them to the cashier. LOL!