Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some little known and some well known scientific facts

Skunks stink.

Skunks do not see well.

Skunks occasionally get hit by cars.

Skunks rarely survive getting hit by cars.

Skunks which are hit by cars release their defense spray.

The defense spray of the recently killed skunk lingers in the air.

A motorcyclist driving through the recently released defense spray will subsequently be subject to the malodorus substance.

When motorcyclist who has been subjected to recently released malodorus defense spray arrives at home she will repel her family and require a long shower.



Kelli said...

Ewwww..... Hope you are feeling nice and fresh by now. (for your family's sake hope you are SMELLING nice and fresh also!!)

My Goodness said...

LOL...I've never thought of what might happen to a motorcyclist when passing through 'skunkness'.

Smiling Shelly said...

Oh yuck! I could not imagine how awful that must be. It's very bad riding past a dead skunk in a car...never thought what would happen on a motorcycle..interesting to learn.