Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random conversations

Real Hypothetical conversation between a random nine and ten year old:

Random ten-year-old girl: Just wait until you are in fourth grade. You'll have to go to big church.

Random nine-year-old boy: Boring, huh?

RTYOG: Not all the time.

RNYOB: [[shrugs]]

RTYOG: If you take it like a man, it's not so bad.

Random Mom sitting at same table: [[snorts sweet tea out nose]]


HappyChristian said...

HAHAHAHA! What I get to look forward to next year!

Chris said...

those random children are hysterical:)

Smiling Shelly said...

Love those hypothetical conversations with random children..Good that that random mom didn't really snort sweet tea out of her nose - that prolly woulda hurt. LOL!

My Goodness said...

Take it like a man!?!?
Like it's a punch in the gut or something...haha!

Joanna said...

And where do you think she came up with that term, hmmm? ;)