Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home Ec.

Convicted by my revealing statements yesterday, and truly wanting to commence with the packing efforts, we have spent the whole day studying home economics.

Of course, this means nothing more than we thoroughly cleaned the house from top to bottom. (with the exception of the laundry room. It's scary in there.)

Additionally, we have done about forty-seven loads of laundry.

What? It's school!

So feel free to drop by anytime in the next ten minutes. I promise not to be mortified.


My Goodness said...

Man...it's been 18 minutes...wonder if it's still safe...??? :)

Do you guys have a closing/move-in date yet?

Kelli said...

Mark read your post yesterday and was amazed. He said "with the exception of camping and motorcycles, you two are like twins seperated at birth" Guess we need to have *home ec* day, too.

Joanna said...

I'm stuck in mount o' laundry myself.

Smiling Shelly said...

Wow!! Wanna come over to my house now??