Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teach the young dog some new tricks

Drs. Tim and Sandy checked with me at church on Sunday to see if Zacchie is doing okay. Of course, he's fine. But they both felt the need to tell me I need to teach him some manners. Like most bottle fed animals, he is lacking in the finer skills. He doesn't know he is just a dog, and a young whipper snapper at that. He didn't have his momma snarling at him when he was too demanding or didn't act right, so he just doesn't know. And when he plays with Cricket and Roxy, they get pretty aggressive. This evening when we were outside, he was running circles around Cricket, body slamming her and then running away. They were hilarious. I need to get some video.

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Chris said...

Schatzi could use some manners too. I think she's getting spoiled.