Friday, September 26, 2008

Let Me Ask You This....#2

My friend Tina, at Golden Goodness has posted a list of questions for us to answer in the interest of getting to know her friends better. This is her second list. I'm hoping she does this regularly, now that the feast has mysteriously dried up. So at the end is an opportunity to name the questionnaire. Any other suggestions?

1. Rare, medium or well-done?
I like my steak grilled medium-rare to medium. My burgers must be medium well, and my apple pie must be well done.

2. Do you plan to stay in the house you're in for the rest of your life?
Not if I can help it. Although I have strong suspicions that the house we're buying will be my "forever home."

3. Why do you have the size bed you have?
We have a queen size bed, and I like having enough room to snuggle with my hubby, but also have it be big enough for my own space. I do not like to be touched by so much as a leg hair when I'm ready to go to sleep. As for why we have it, it's what we bought when we get married, and we will probably always have it. Although we replace the mattress set periodically.

4. When you buy milk, do you just grab a jug or do you look for the latest exp. date?
I do look at the date, and go for the furthest one out there, but it's always gone in a couple of days, so it doesn't really matter.

5. Do you and your spouse go on dates? How often?
Shawn and I go on dates pretty often compared with some people. We have a GREAT babysitter. If you need one, I can hook you up.

6. Do you like to play board games? Favorite?
I grew up playing board games, but there was a certain game nazi in my family. You didn't dare beat this person, and if you won by chance, even though you played stupidly, and without skill, you were yelled at. So I have to overcome that history to enjoy playing with my kids. But we have a game called Kids Battle the Grown-ups that is fun.

7. Do you have a day each which that you sleep late?
I like to sleep in every day, because I like to stay up late every night. But practically, We sleep late on Saturdays right now, because soccer games are not until 10:15 this year.

8. Do you wear shoes in your house or park them at the door?
If I have gone out somewhere, I usually keep them on in the house. I get more accomplished if I have them on. But I don't usually put them on until I'm going somewhere.

Bonus:Name this game!!
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My Goodness said...

1. Hee hee! I love me some well-done apple pie, too!! :)

2. Wouldn't that be great!?

Thanks for doing the questions and the name suggestion!!

Happy Friday!

Smiling Shelly said...

Yes, we play that Kids battle the grown ups game here too. I don't really think it's that fun though. It wears me out...makes me tired...makes me want to sleep all day. :)