Monday, May 26, 2008

And Another Welcome to a Real American Hero!

I have a friend over there on the other side of the world fighting for our freedom.

His name is Jeremy.

I am proud to know Jeremy,

because not only is he a friend,

he is a father,


and Bible student.

He is very nice,

and very brave.

He is a real American hero.

He fights for the freedom of our country,

all the way over there.

While over here,

we pray,

and are very, very thankful

and proud.

If you want to leave him a message of encouragement and support, check out his blog.



HappyChristian said...

I couldn't comment the first time I read your blog, I was crying, but that's ok. Knowing some people care is sometimes what keeps us going thru the day. Jeremy said that too last night when he came and read this. Thank you.

Lorrie said...

I checked out his blog yesterday! Thanks. Now we can pray accordingly.