Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy birthday to me...

Okay, actually it's tomorrow, but I got my presents today, so I have to write about them.

Shawn spruced up my bike with a basket, new handlebar grips, and a rack on the back. But the coolest gift was the new (to me) bike that I don't have to pedal. It goes much faster and makes more noise. It looks like this:

But the most amazing part was that I never saw it coming. Shawn can't surprise me because I am too nosy intuitive. I figure it out every time. But not this time, Buddy! I had no idea at all. Nice one, Shawn! Yay me!!


My Goodness said...

(I want to ride it!!)

Happy Birthday! What an awesome surprise! I knew you sold your old one...and now you have a replacement! Yeeha!

Lorrie said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Is that a Harley?
This is my birthday song to you:

"She's a bad mamma jamma.
Just as fine as she can be."

The Boyds Family said...

Va-va-voom!! What an awesome birthday surprise. Two cool points for the hubby!!

Happy Birthday!