Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here we go again still

After a visit with Dr. Tim to update his antibiotic, Zaccheus is starting something new. He has been choking pretty badly when he eats from his bottle, because he has grown so much that his cleft palate is bigger. Formula goes up into his nose and he chokes, sneezes, and sputters. It is quite traumatic. The hard thing to understand is how this happened so suddenly. He was eating fine on Saturday, but come Sunday, he couldn't do it. So Dr. Tim looked in his mouth and took a few pictures. The cleft is way in the back and is pretty extreme. And to top it all off, his pneumonia is back.

So we discussed our options, and whether we were out of them, and decided this:

I will feed him with a stomach tube which I slide down his throat to bypass the cleft. Then I can use a syringe to give him his formula. But I continue to use a bottle for his water so he doesn't forget how to swallow. That's what Dr. Sandy was afraid of. When he is bigger and his lungs are clear of pneumonia, Dr. Tim wants to do corrective surgery. But the choice was mine. It will be a long two to five more months of this crazy schedule. Am I willing to keep up this pace? Can I even do it? The house is falling apart around my ears and the laundry is piling up.

The answer: As long as I have breath and Zacchie isn't suffering because of my stubbornness.



The Boyds Family said...

I am on this roller coaster ride with you. The mess in my house is above my head and every time I think I've finished the laundry I walk in one of my daughters rooms...then I just shake my head and walk back out again.

And even worse.....I don't have the excuse of a puppy in need of my attention.

My Goodness said...

That pup is so blessed to have you...I'm pretty sure I would've given up by now.