Monday, May 19, 2008

Squeaky toys and shadow monsters

Ever heard the phrase, "Afraid of his own shadow?" I finally figured out that Zaccheus is growling at his shadow. It's too cute. He growls this squeaky little growl that sounds almost like a cat purring, and spins in a circle. So I do shadow puppets for him and he barks a tiny bark. He is getting playful, and chewed on my pant leg yesterday. It was a toothless tug, but it made me laugh.

I haven't spent much money on stuff for him because we didn't know how long he would live, but today I bought him a couple of squeaky toys. Cricket and Roxy want to steal them, but I won't let them. And if they do get hold of them, I'm pretty sure they will tell on themselves.

"Zacchie's toys? *squeak* I haven't *squeak* seen 'em!" *squeak*



My Goodness said...

Ha!! How fun!

The Boyds Family said...

HA ha!!

YAY! You're buying him toys now...He's staying!!

Candide said...

Thanks for writing this.