Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tag, I'm it this time!

Every day, sometimes more than once, I read the blogs of all my bloggy friends. One of those friends, Yvette, who I met over at Tina's blog, tagged me with this meme. I love to read Yvette's babbling blog because she makes me laugh. She doesn't know it, but she and I are very much alike in the bad habits department. I read her answers to that question and smiled, because I could literally copy and paste them and they'd fit me. I won't because that'd be plagiarizing. But thanks to her, I have to think up five OTHER bad habits. But if you go over to her blog and read her answers, you could just imagine they are mine too.

Now on the the meme.....Here are the rules (post these first).

Each player answers questions about themselves.
At the end of the post, tag 5 people by posting their names.
Go to their site/blog and leave a comment telling them they've been tagged.
Invite them to your site/blog so they can read the tagged post.
Let the person who tagged you know when you've completed your tagged post.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

I actually remember exactly what I was doing ten years ago today. It was my first Mother's Day, and I was taking my newborn daughter home from the hospital. Talk about a great Mother's Day gift! I wanted to stop by the church and show her off on the way home, but I was exhausted, much like today, and I decided to pass on that idea.

2. What are 5 things on your "To Do" list?

A. Lose 100 pounds on The Biggest Loser

B. Win a million dollars on The Amazing Race with my amazing husband

C. Sell everything and become a world traveler

D. Visit every national park in the country.

E. Get up in the morning

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

A. Strawberry and banana slices

B. Tortilla chips and bean dip at Casa Mexicana

C. Ice cream

D. Candy corn and peanuts (tastes like a payday candy bar, I swear!)

E. Pretzels and M&Ms

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.

A. Give 10% to God

B. Pay off all of our debts

C. Buy my hubby a shiny new sports car

D. Pay my kids' tuition through college

E. Travel the world, including the national parks of America

5. Name some places where you've lived.

A. Illinois

B. Tennessee

C. Still Tennessee

D. Different county in Tennessee

6. Name some bad habits you have.

A. Eating junk food

B. Not being faithful to exercise

C. Starting stuff, and never finishing

D. Yelling at the little people in my house. (that's not copying, is it Yvette?)

7. Name some jobs you've had.

A. Taco maker at Taco Bell. I got promoted to cashier, and then to drive through. They had me there a lot, because the people could understand me through the speaker.

B. Library grunt in college. Checking in and out lots of books, cataloging periodicals, shelving, computer entry when we went from card catalog to computer catalog...

C. Package handler at Federal Express. Took lots of classes and was certified by the FAA as a Dangerous Goods Handler. That's big responsibilities, folks. You can't put certain things near other certain things, or you might blow a plane out of the sky. You have to tie everything down just so, pass the pilot's inspection, and sign a pile of paperwork. And if anything goes wrong, you could face major fines and even jail time. Okay, not really jail time...

C. Bank teller. I was in the middle of having my drawer audited when the masked men came in shooting guns. If they hadn't stole my money that day, I would have been written up for having too much money in my second drawer. Good thing they didn't look in that one! And when the cops came and the bank was counted down, I found two thousand dollars stashed under my tray. You know how easy it would have been to slip it in my pocket, and let them assume it had been stolen in the robbery?? You know I didn't, though.

D. Went back to FedEx after the robbery.

E. Homeschooling my kids. It's a full time job, you know!

8. Name those whom you are tagging.



Kellan said...

We are all a bunch of yellers, aren't we?! I just read Yvette's answers and I'm a yeller too!

Thanks for thinking of me for this meme. Hope you had a good Mother's Day - see you - Kellan

Noodle said...

Travel is ALWAYS on my list! :)

HappyChristian said...

Ok, I answered mine- thanks for the trip down memory lane (see answer #1!) That was fun!

My Goodness said...

You did a great job! :) I just love reading these things!

The Boyds Family said...

It makes me feel better when I learn I'm not the only yeller....for the longest time I thought I was a horrible person because I yell at my girls.

I'm working on not yelling as much because it still makes me feel bad, but at least I'm not alone. :)

Thanks for playing! Love your answers!!

Lorrie said...

I chose not to admit that I'm a yeller. Actually, I just call it "raising my voice". I like reading these things.
As for the Redneck thing. You are most definately NOT a redneck.
And for the other question...the kids will be back in public school. If the Lord slaps us with that million, then we'd talk private school. As for now, that is impossible.
Later Gater!

Kellan said...

Hey - thanks for coming by today and leaving the nice comment - I appreciate your friendship! Take care - Kellan