Saturday, May 17, 2008

The ferocious beast

Quite the little scrapper, this little Zaccheus is. I have gone back to feeding him on the hour during the day and every other hour at night. After I saw what porkers the other four have become, it has occurred to me that Zacchie needed more. I mean they are HUGE! More than twice his size, except for the runt. And she outweighs him by several ounces. So I have been stuffing his belly. He is finally eliminating without my help. (Yay, no more puppy enemas!) Dr. Sandy told me to add plain yogurt to his formula. But now when I wake him to eat, he gets very demanding. I kiss him a bit to wake him up fully, and then put him on the puppy pad. Lord help me if I don't retrieve him immediately! He growls and yaps, squeaks his little puppy bark, and lets me know he's not happy.
Shawn finally told me he knows I will not be able to give Zaccheus up when he's ready, and that he's okay with that. We're not telling the kids, because if a home does become available, I will give him up. The only thing is, no one could possibly love him as much as I do, after pouring so much of myself into him. I never expected him to live, and now he is barking out his demands.
What a ferocious beast!
And after riding on the motorcycle yesterday with me in his little pouch, he has a big, bad reputation to live up to. Gotta get him a helmet!


Kellan said...

A sweet little baby and a good mama you are!!

Hope you are having a good weekend - see you - Kellan

My Goodness said...

Aw, what a 'big dog' he wants to be!! You are doing so great with him...he is blessed to have you.

The Boyds Family said...

Ok, there is no way that you can give him up.....I simply will not let you.

Tell the powers that be that I will not allow it.

I love him 'through' you!