Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Chance

Doctor Tim looked at Zaccheus today. He said he has a chance, so I came home with him. It was emotional, because I had to warn the kids, who were waiting in the reception area that I might not bring him out of the exam room. They understood. But Doc held him and pulled on the skin behind his neck. He said Zacchie is strong and wants to live, so to keep up the good work.
The version I gave the kids was less hopeful because I don't want to break their hearts if he doesn't make it. I'd rather they were a little prepared, at least. Not that you can really be prepared for an animal to die.
He just ate, and I've been up several times the past two nights with him, so I'm going to lie down while he sleeps.
Feels like having a real baby!


My Goodness said...

Cool...neat to be encouraged by the Doc! :)

You're doing great...and I DON'T miss those baby days AT ALL!!

The Boyds Family said...

That's great news!!! He does want to live - he's a fighter. Keep up the good work!!

Lorrie said...

I'm still rooting for the little guy! I'm with you on what you tell the kids. I think I would do the same thing.
Caleb is too funny. I bet he said that with every ounce of seriousness he had.