Friday, May 23, 2008

Look at me!

In case you are color blind or don't pay much attention to details, or perhaps you have been so captivated by my writing that you have missed the sad state of the design, check out my new digs and by-line! I give all the props to my talented and artistic friend Tina. Now I know you are impressed and dying to have her re-design your page, but one at a time, people! Don't rush her all at once and crash her server in your haste.

I'm just kidding, folks! Get your fanny over there and hire her to re-design your sorry page! Before she is famous and you can't afford her!



My Goodness said...

You rock!! Thanks for pumping up my ego! :)

The Boyds Family said...

Well see there.....for once in my life, I was too early.

Like I said yesterday, I love your new look and since the lovely and talented Tina did two out of three of mine....I completely understand your happiness.

Really people......RUN, don't walk!! She's awesome!!