Saturday, May 10, 2008

Used to describe me...

My friend Tina always does the Friday's Feast, which I love, and aspire to do. But I always forget to do it before I read her blog, and I don't think I'm as clever as she is, so I haven't yet. But this week it asked for a five word sentence in which each word begins with the first letter of your name. Sounded kooky, so I'm giving it a try. Funny thing is, it sort of describes me. Well the first one, anyway. What, I'm tired!

Dazzling domestic diva does dishes.
or maybe this one
Distressed diminutive dwarfs destroy documents.
or try this one
Dancing deluxe daisies daintily debut.
or this one
Deceptively dangerous dandelions dash deftly.


The Boyds Family said...

I love her friday feasts too and one day hope to play along but it always seems like I'm a day late and a dollar short. Somehow, a Friday feast posted on Saturday doesn't seem right, does it?? ha!

I played the 5 word sentence in my head for a while too but mine is a little more challenging being that it starts with a Y and all...

I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's day!!

BTW...I tagged you for a meme. I hope you can play - no pressure. If you would like, run over to my babbling blog and check it out.

Talk to you soon!

Noodle said...

HEH! I love the "Dazzling Diva" one! I should frame that and put it in the kitchen! LOL!